Friday, November 26, 2021

1993 Donruss Elite Series Fred McGriff

All I knew about the Donruss Elite Series inserts from the early 1990s was they were needle in a haystack finds - where picking up a couple of cases [or more] of a particular Donruss product didn't guarantee an Elite Series insert pull.

I saw this in a showcase at a monthy show I go to and thought it would be a fun pick up for $10 - but then I held off because I was concerned about finding cards at the dollar bins of doom and capping my purchases off this particular table up through a certain amount.

However, there was actually a couple more opportunities to see this particular seller [at a couple of other show dates besides the monthly one I'm familiar with] - so maybe I was counting on 'circling back' to find the card again.

In a show the next Saturday after the monthly one, I made my way back to the seller's tables but didn't see the card displayed - I started to digging through the $10 box and hoped the card might still be among the others and I set aside quickly when I saw it.

This particular set was numbered to 10,000 and maybe these inserts started to loose their relevance as other chase cards printed through the early UV era [just past the junk wax years] - started to look more and more like these cards and notably inserted in a more realistic 'per box' rate.


Fuji said...

With 10,000 copies of each card, you'd think we'd see these sitting in dollar boxes... but these inserts have definitely held their value over the years. I picked up the Mattingly for $10 a couple of years ago, but it has a little ding in one of the corners which helped keep the cost down.

Jon said...

Wow, I just got this one like two weeks ago myself! I paid 49¢ more for mine though. So weird!

Bulldog said...

Good looking card. Can't go wrong with the Crime Dog.