Saturday, November 27, 2021

TTM autograph received: Camilo Pascual

I wonder where my loose TTM successes end up after the fact - it will not be the case where I shutter things completely, but I may take longer times between putting together reequests.

I don't think I can keep up with all the pros who send out stuff on a regular basis and get responses back almost at an every other day rate - even if I was a TTM whale, maybe too much of a good thing ends up being clutter, so I want to feel like I can space out requests sent at my own pace.

From the monthly card show, I ended up with a 350-card dime [nickel] box haul - among the cards I threw into my bricks was a 1994 Topps Archives Series Gold card of the former big league righthander.

Because I'd written to the 87-year old and got a success [with $10 added] back in 2020, I was hoping he still signed - even though I consider most TTM fee requests a 'one and done' affair, maybe it was worth it to make a $10.05 investment to get another success from Pascual.

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