Saturday, August 10, 2013

Featured autograph - Jack Morris

His prime through the 1980's was way before my time as either a baseball fan or card collector - I just remember him through various junk wax appearances [particularly late in his playing career] and maybe reading about him through the early 1990's.

Right now, his status as far as a potential Hall of Fame inductee is in the air and maybe he is more of a marginal candidate than a guy you have put in with the greats - the numbers guys seem to marginalize his career as far as snubbing him for the HOF while the so-called old school guys have cited his Game 7 performance in the 1991 World Series and his overall workmanlike efforts through the 1980's as reasons as why he should have a plaque in Cooperstown.

As far as the autographed card, I've associated Morris with the Minnesota Twins but never have seen him in-person until the Toronto Blue Jays visited the Angels a couple of weeks ago - I was able to spot him through the crowd and was the first to end up getting his autograph.

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