Friday, August 23, 2013

Featured autographs - Andrew McCutchen

I got a 2011 Topps Chrome refractor and a 2013 Bowman Blue Sapphire reprint scribbled on by the Pittsburgh Pirates star outfielder - it looks like McCutchen maybe a frontrunner for the National League MVP, while his Pirates squad is in a dogfight in the NL Central, looking to finish at .500 or above for the first time since 1992.


The Angels In Order said...

Do you prep your chrome cards before getting them signed? What prevents bubbling?

Laurens said...

Yeah I prep any glossy cards before I get them signed - doesn't mean there aren't going to be mess-ups but I use a white eraser to rub across the surface of the card for a few minutes along with rubbing the card with some kind of cloth before getting the card signed.

I should post autograph cards where I was as dilligent in prepping them, so they've come out bubbled or streaked.