Friday, August 23, 2013

Meanderings generated from quarter box digs

At a card shop, I maybe picking up scrap cards at some sort of premium, so the penny pincher I seem to be - I always cap my purchases up to a certain amount.

At times, I feel like I'm going to be back at the same place soon enough - poring over the same cards, making another redundant, small purchase [when perhaps I can spend $20 or so on cheapo cards and not come back to the card shop for at least a couple of months].

I wasn't looking for anything specific when I dug out 12 cards from the quarter boxes - I feel like the MLB season is creeping closer towards the end and I'm not sure if I should be looking for cards depth of random MLB players I might not be seeing until next year [though I'll have to do it at some point between now and next season].

2013 Topps Jordy Mercer #421
2013 Topps Alfredo Marte #422
2013 Topps Brian Roberts #515 - Bryce Harper cameo/bonus baby
2013 Topps Hector Santiago #620

2013 Topps Austin Jackson #642 - retro uniform
2013 Topps Miguel Cabrera #374 - Emerald parallel
2013 Topps Heritage Grant Balfour

Deviating from the norm I picked up some oddball [as in I don't collect non-baseball] cards just for giggles - maybe a smarter collector can make sense with these cards but for now, they are impulsively mine.

2013 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Tim Tebow #37
2013 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Roman Gabriel #67

2013 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Abraham Lincoln #108
2013 Topps Finest football J.J. Watt #27 - refractor parallel

2013 Topps Finest football Drew Brees #70 - refractor parallel

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