Saturday, August 10, 2013

When it comes to PEDs and suspicions

I'm more inclined to listen to the kooks and the guys who speak out about it in an unadulterated way - Jack Clark may have been talking out his ass and promtly got canned for it, but because he's been out of professional baseball and maybe bitter about his circumstance, he's not afraid to piss people off.

Does that mean what he is saying is true [?] - I have to sift through the details he is relaying for each player he sort of puts out there on the firing line to see if it's BS.

Clark probably went off on Justin Verlander's numbers taking a dip after getting his big contract - since Verlander is on his fantasy team and is wondering what happened to the ace pitcher of a couple of years ago hitting just about 100 MPH late into games.

I don't see as much harm into what Clark said about Verlander - however, Clark's story about a trainer building up a good but hardly well known amateur into this beast of a prospect through chemical engineering is more than a little compelling, especially when Albert Pujols turned out to be the best player of his generation.

My only question is why bring it up now [?] - I see where Pujols isn't always painted as the most accomodating or gracious but he seems like a different beast than the A-Roids or Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens of the world.

Maybe long after it all matters, Pujols is found to be on PEDs he was using for a prolonged period of time for parts of his baseball career - however, I'm tempted to say Clark must have some ulterior motive to out Pujols in a way that smears what he has been able to accomplish on and off the field.

As for Clark's innuendo about Shawn Green's apparent bacne due to possible PED use - it maybe one of those things that you can look at as far as Green's numbers [looked like a good player coming up, had some fine power numbers in his prime and then his power numbers just dipped] are concerned, but then after the fact, it is what it is.

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