Monday, August 26, 2013

Featured autograph - Mike Scioscia

Every year there seems to be an MLB organization that is outed as having a miserable, laughable, Mickey Mouse atmosphere behind the scenes - Scioscia's Angels fit that narrative this year and he might get the ax despite the money and years left on a long term contract he signed.

Winning smooths out a lot of the dysfunction but the Angels aren't competing for squat any time soon - with a bunch of gimpy, overpaid, underachieving fools save for Mike Trout and maybe one or two other guys.

It maybe petty and I'll always be an Angels fan, but there maybe is a little schadenfreude on my part to see the Angels struggle - as a guy who tries to go his share of Angels home games, every time I see Mark Trumbo or Jered Weaver turn their back on fans wanting their autographs, the ballpark experience cut short by overzealous ushers / ballpark security, I think what a fraud this organization has been and I just chuckle.

It all trickles down when there isn't enough winning done on the field - right now, it looks like the organization has no farm system, no clue and it is a dark time for Halos fans at the moment.

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The Angels In Order said...

I remember as a kid going to games in the 70's and trying to go down to get an autograph the ushers usually wouldn't let you down unless you had a lower level ticket. They've always had a sublime "we don't really want you here" attitude.