Thursday, June 07, 2018

1965 Topps Steve Carlton RC #477

I wish there was a narrative, a 'true chase' behind the card - but at times, my collecting need to feed the beast works impulsively on a whim, 'OK, it would be nice to see if I pick up a 53-year old rookie card of a legendary Hall of Fame pitcher - I need hold up on thinking about the 'latest and greatest' at the moment and see if I can get some old-timey card action in my personal collection.'

I've probably settled into looking for very good-excellent vintage rookie cards - so this copy isn't one of those high-end examples serious collectors or auction houses may showcase.

Still I'd like to think there is more value in any particular purchase involving sometimes notable old cards - regardless of apparent quality.

Carlton was one of the greatest MLB pitchers of all time - yet it's more interesting to me to discover he may be some sort of kook with some unique, if radical views about the world.

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