Monday, June 11, 2018

More card show stuff - misc rookies

These plain looking cards aren't autographed or shiny, but I picked them up in case I didn't have rookie logo cards - to go with whatever player collection I have of these guys.

2015 Topps Javier Baez #315 x2 - he’s kind of an all-or-nothing hitter but he teases with his all-around athleticism and savviness.

2012 Topps Update Trevor Bauer #US213 - not a fan of the personality, but Bauer is ‘maturing’ into a very good pitcher.

2013 Topps Update Anthony Rendon #US8 - he's a nice baseball player who had a career year in 2017, but perhaps his potential to be a 'hobby star' has sailed a while ago.

2015 Topps Update Francisco Lindor #US286 - Rookie Debut subset; it’s not considered his rookie card, but a rookie-year Lindor card is a keeper.

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