Sunday, June 10, 2018

Stopped at a card show, got some cards

I haven't been to my nearest, twice a week card show in a few years but my buddy said he was going to pick me up and take me there before we headed to a baseball game - I was hoping for better but for ‘sports stuff’ like cards, the set-up is pretty much the same.

I suppose I might be able to find just what I need, but then it seems like it is still the same sellers - so many booths, so much foot traffic but it's more focused on pop culture items, autograph signings, gaming cards, toys, video games, etc.

As is, I ended up at a booth that I remember being at a different spot my last random stop there - I don’t know if the dollar boxes ever changed, so that was what I was most familiar with.

I dug around and pulled some cards in dusty old top loaders - looking for the right combination of random cards to pick up on a relative budget is still a thing.

2014 Topps Mariano Rivera #42 - Target Red border parallel.

1994 Fleer Tim Salmon #6 - A.L. Rookie of the Year insert; I’ve never actually had a card from this player specific insert set even though Salmon was my guy through the 1990s.

1991 Topps Stadium Club Ken Griffey Jr. #270 - maybe a star card from the early 1990s that actually ‘meant something’ for a little bit, so there might be nostalgia here.

2011 Playoff Contenders Justin Verlander #11 - Artist’s Proof serial #’d 16/49; the fact these are logoless cards make them look 'meh' but it’s of kind neat anyways.

1997 Pinnacle X-Press Jeff Bagwell #5 of 18 - Far & Away insert; in 2018, no one cares about a random insert from 1997, but the relative shininess makes the card a keeper.

2014 Bowman Platinum Austin Meadows #BPCP39 - Purple parallel; Meadows is bound to cool off after a hot start, but this is a nice looking prospect card of the Pittsburgh Pirates rookie.

2014 Topps Update Mookie Betts #FN-MB3 - The Future is Now insert; he was a hot player before his DL stint and at the very least, this is a rookie year insert.

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