Thursday, June 21, 2018

2018 Panini Stars & Stripes rack pack set

Through Instagram, I found out about a 66-card rack pack set of USA cards offered through Team USA Baseball - I clicked onto their IG stories [as directed] which took me to a link to buy the cards.

I haven’t seriously messed with any Team USA stuff but for $12 plus $5 s/h [through June] - when Bowman Draft comes out in the middle of winter, I might as well see if I can add some new card depth, particularly for the players picked in this year’s amateur draft.

I thought there was always a separate boxed set of USA cards and then in recent years, the Stars & Stripes product was made as a product to bust through cases, boxes and packs - I’m not sure if the Stars & Stripes product is now the only set with cards for the collegiate, 18U and 15U national teams from the previous summer.

I received my ‘pack’ of cards in a couple of days in a box with some USA Baseball promotional info, an invoice, a random foil pack of cards [2017 Panini Stars & Stripes] - as well as a magnet with a free ground shipping code for orders through the Team USA shop through 2018.

The hits in these packs are three autographs, which apparently replaces the team cards for each of the national teams - it appears the autographs were leftover from 2017 product and are each serial #'d to 100.

2017 Playoff Contenders USA Seth Beer #USAT-SB serial #’d 27/100 - he’s still a first round pick [#28 by the Houston Astros] but I thought he had the potential be a Top 10 guy, when he won the national player of the year in college in 2016.

From the tidbits I’ve read, he’s a bat first player who has to really hit to distinguish himself - from being just another guy.

2017 Playoff Contenders USA J.T. Ginn #USAT-JT serial #’d 086/100 - another first round pick [#30 by the Los Angeles Dodgers].

2017 Playoff Contenders USA Rawley Hector #USAT-RH serial #’d 075/100 - he’s a Texas A&M commit.

The random foil pack contained five cards - at first I thought it would be my autographs, though I would have thought they would be inserted in the rack pack.

#26 Evan White
#17 Alex Lange
#42 Ryan Vilade
#35 Logan Allen
#27 Kyle Wright

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Good pickup, nice cards.