Wednesday, September 08, 2021

You can find all sorts of odder stuff

At a monthly card show, I ended up grabbing a bunch of cards and maybe there was some buyer's remorse just as far as quantity goes - maybe I was glad I wasn't actually able to go to another show for the past couple of weekends just to take a break.

These weren't the centerpiece finds I built my keepers on - but the more the mini-collection stragglers and other and and ends to add into my collections somewhere.

1974 Topps Carlton Fisk #105 - is there something I'm missing here? I grabbed it because it's an old-school Hall of Fame catcher card with a play at the plate immediately looming.

However the vibrant colors​ looks just about 'washed out' where the card may have been 'bleached' out - maybe it's just the wonkiness of the printing process, but it doesn't quite look right to me.

The back of card looks OK where it still feels like a normal Topps card - maybe I'll see if I can pick up a copy with nicer colors on the front.
As far as mini-collections go, it's a game to occasionally hunt for images on the back of the card - I wouldn't be doing my doing my due dilligence if I ignored anything but that primary image.
Though he probably has a case for the Hall of Fame, Kevin Brown never was one of those warm and fuzzy guys where you build a fan favorite narrative around past what he did on the mound - still I stumbled upon a serial #'d card with Brown wearing a batting helmet, presumably where he was involved in a hitting situation as a pitcher, so I had make it a keeper.

I like the pop around the borders on the serial #'d 1998 Donruss Studio parallel of Shawn Estes - he's obviously not hitting, but it looks like is running the bases, so I count those as well with their own sub - subset within my pitchers hitting collection.

I grabbed a pair of cards featuring a couple of nondescript minor leaguers - I might as well spend a couple of dollars to make their novelty cards mine.
Because it's a Dufex finish insert, I thought the 1993 Score Select Roberto Alomar card with the George Brett 'star on star' cameo would pop - but the card I picked up may have been subject of the natural conditions, so the 'shiny' effect isn't as pronounced compared to something 'pack fresh.'

I grabbed a certified autograph card of Blake Taylor just because he is a So. Cal local guy - I may have at least a couple of his cards years ago as a Pittsburgh Pirates draft pick, but anything inked up is nice.

Even if he is more of a rank-and-file lefty reliever currently with the Houston Astros - he has made good on his promise to get to the big leagues and have some success.

I didn't know what to do when I stumbled upon a couple of minor league team issues of Jim Fregosi and his son - the elder Fregosi [R.I.P.] was probably the Angels first team star but was pictured here after his run as the Angels manager for 4 seasons through the late 1970s.

Considering more of an oddball, I figured to pick up the card as a building block - to see if I can add more mainstream, playing days cards of Fregosi as an Angel.

I guess I had to grab the card of the son as well and while there is an immediate 'bloodines' tie - I'll add the card of Jim Fregosi Jr. to count towards my local players collection instead.

I grabbed a card of Mel Allen, a notable broadcasting great who I remember mostly as the host of This Week in Baseball - a show I remember groaning about whenever I'd see it on Saturday mornings during the late 1980s, likely because I wasn't into baseball yet and it marked the end of Saturday-morning cartoon programming.


Fuji said...

Mel Allen's voice is easily the most recognizable (to me at least) in the history of baseball.

Bo said...

Looks like Fisk sat out in the sun for a long time.

Jon said...

Putting serial numbers on a broadcaster's card is an interesting gamble.