Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Some more card show stuff

Some older Angels cards from 'my era,' which was probably 1990s early 2000s - I probably have a number of these cards but they were cheap enough, where I added them into my take home stash.

Mini-collection cards - some batting cards, a home run trot card and baserunning cards.
Mini-collection cards - some fielding cards, a throwing card, a double play throwing card and a pair of 'dirt fetish' cards no matter how incidental.
Mini-collection cards - some 'fun cards' up top including a gum card, a player having some fun and an oddity where Randy Johnson is pictured with a camera.

Bottom row features - a Kris Bryant 'game face, focused' card, a Curt Schilling 'men at work' card and Javy Baez and Kevin Pillar 'personality shots, fired up' cards.

Mini-collection cards - some unique perspective cards in my book, including some 'event captured' cards, some cards with what I consider 'panoramic / majestic' images and a Sean Casey 'signage' card where 'Bud' can be made out in the background.

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