Sunday, August 14, 2022

Card show pickups - Vladimir Guerrero

Digging through the quarter boxes at my local card show, I may have come across at least a half a brick of cards featuring the all-time fan favorite - as part of my rummage, I've tried to cherry pick most of the more interesting early career Montreal Expos era cards from the late 1990s.
These scattered cards are likely binder material for my Guerrero themed pages in my decade stars collection - I essently have these pages with Guerrero cards from the Expos and other teams [late in his MLB career] as well as pages with Guerrero cards specifically in my Angels binders.
I have set aside at least five Guerrero cards as more mini-collection material where they add some star power - Guerrero running the bases, Guerrero signing autographs [on the reverse image], Guerrero with his hat off, Guerrero with his hat off standing for the National Anthem and a 'game face' Guerrero taping up his bat [on the reverse image].


Jon said...

I'm surprised that he doesn't carry more of a premium in your neck of the woods.

Laurens said...

Honestly, Vlad played a while ago so while certain people presumably still care, I don't know if there is interest in his cheapest, most random cards.

It's all about Trout and Ohtani - maybe as it should be in the 'here and now.'