Sunday, December 23, 2007

2007 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Scouting Report

I think collectors who are more of the prospecting variety are not stuck on being traditionalists - I think the chase for a player's best card makes this product popular as long as it features first-year autographs and subsequent parallels of players expected to make an impact in the Major Leagues through the next three to five years.

The 2004 version featured cards of the first-year players in minor league uniforms - but they were considered rookie cards, since they were included in a set with Major League veterans.

On the other hand, the 2007 version doesn't even feature official MLB team names - and the players are pictured in their high school or college uniforms. Traditionalists will argue these are strictly minor league issues because obviously there is nothing in this product saying it is either affiliated with Major League Baseball or the MLB Players Association.

The important fact however is this product is made by Donruss - which is a trading card company having some history and EEE will be considered mainstream brand, not a niche product like the USA Baseball sets from the past year. If this was a Just product [no offense to such trading card companies], Tristar or even a Press Pass [which seems like it produces high quality cards], then it would be considered minor-league cards.

The graphics are gaudy - but is a change of pace from the typical Bowman Draft products, which is refreshing, even if Topps can get first-year players in a Big League uniform and Donruss cannot.

This is a multisport product and one of Donruss' selling point for this product is the school ties - it seems ironic baseball players are driving this product, though baseball isn't traditionally the number one collegiate sport to follow, lagging behind football and basketball.

I want to pick up a box [only a box] - though the pulls might be spread thin between pulling autographs of the better baseball draft pick autographs, the none draft pick baseball autographs as well as other notables [Jennie Finch/Amanda Beard anyone?] from other sports.

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