Thursday, December 13, 2007

These were part of my collecting goals made up for 2007

1.) Traditional rookie cards - add 10-15 PSA graded from 1975 and before/add PSA graded from 1995 and before/add 10-15 PSA graded from 2005 and before [can be autographs]. What is a traditional rookie card? I may have added several cards the past year, though I have not concentrated as much on seriously nailing down the really old stuff.
2.) Premium rookie/rookie-year/first-year cards - add 10-15 certified autographs featuring current top prospects in the minor leagues and 15-20 parallels. I may have added several cards, though I have not concentrated as much on seriously collecting the better cards.
3.) Premium cards - add 15-20 cards featuring common patches, certified autographs, et al. Add five super premium cards [jumbo patches, dual or triple autographs, et al]. Look for Major League rising stars [Ryan Zimmerman, David Wright, Miguel Cabrera, Stephen Drew, Prince Fielder, Howie Kendrick, et al], established superstars, Hall of Famers or HOF icons [all-sport]. I've added stuff here and there, though nothing earth shattering.
4.) Collecting topics - add 1,000 different cards featuring players signing autographs, bonus babies, unique shots, awesome outfield action, bloodlines, et al. It comes to about 50 cards everytime you make a card show trip [maybe about 20 times in 2007]. Most cards should come out of the nickel [or less] bins. I'm probably closer to picking up about 500 for the whole year, maybe much less. I find looking for these cards to be a challenge because there is no checklist. How can you feel a sense of accomplisment, when you know there are more cards out there? It seems fun, though these are the cards you would need to dig for in a commons' bin.
5.) Regional - add 15-20 'low-end' premium cards such as certified autographs, dual autographs, patch cards, dual material cards, et al. Look to add one or two super premium cards i.e. triple signature, triple patch, jumbo patch, et al. I've added a card here and there, but nothing too earth shattering.
6.) Low-end style - add '10-15' certified autographs, '10-15' common game used and 20-25 rookie cards/first year inserts. Finish your award winners collection up to 2006. I haven't finished my award winners collection yet but maybe I've come close as far as numbers are concerned on picking up certified autographs. I've picked up several common game used, though not as much low-end rookie cards/first year inserts.
7.) Add 10-15 vintage [1973 and before] PSA graded superstar cards - or one vintage PSA graded Topps Mickey Mantle card. I don't think I've done much here, but I did pick up a 1957 Topps Ted Williams [BVG '4'] this past year. I think I'd like to dabble in vintage a little more, but I don't want to settle for midgrade superstars, that are not rookie cards.
8.) Pick up cards of my favorites - Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Ken Griffey Jr., Cal Ripken Jr. and Tim Salmon. Probably my biggest feat was picking up two ARod certified autographs this past year. I think I picked up a Junior certified autograph and several Salmon oddballs.
9.) Continue to work on database - featuring rookie/rookie-year and other first type year cards. The database sort of evaporated when I felt like all I was getting were crap base cards and so-so players. It was too esoteric to keep up with.
10.) Always be aware of what I'm collecting - as far as not wasting $$$. I'm trying to be judicious, though I can get impulsive.

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