Thursday, December 13, 2007

Steroid Era and the Mitchell Report

With the Mitchell Report due to come out in Major League Baseball - one way it affected my collection is the belief certain players were not just going to hit more and more home runs, but hit for power, for average and enjoy these renaissance seasons, thinking certain players were going to keep it up [especially guys who were not getting younger]. There was a desire to buy key cards of a few of the guys i.e. rookie cards of guys hitting 60 or more home runs, breaking home run records, et al.

You got caught up in trying to guestimate numbers - speculating on apparently empty statistics considering what is supposedly known now. The numbers would go in circles and you would be fooled by these guys popping all these home runs and putting up mind-numbing statistics [I would look at the top pitchers during the era and not just hitters].

You spent 'so much' of your collecting dollar - only to watch everything deflate and stuff you collected is probably worth 1/3rd of what you paid. Stuff you tried to collect randomly like in-person autographs are truly worthless, if you had tried to get certain steroid era guys' signatures on various items you thought would have a place with the legends and icons one day [not in the Hall of Infamy].

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