Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wally Word Breaks
2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces one-pack blister[$2.97] - Chris Chambliss, Cal Ripken Jr., Kei Igawa and Bobby Doerr. I think it is hard to argue against this product's aesthetics and you genuinely believe these are probably the nice looking baseball cards you can pick up at a retail outlet like Walmart or Target.

2007 Topps Update blaster box [$9.97] - I don't know how excited I was [now] because I'm desperate to bust something [even a fake, a psuedo box of cards, not full pack box, but still a box of cards] and the only one at Walmart priced at about $10 has this conquering hero plastered all over the box.

First pack was three card 'hot pack' featuring 120 years of baseball cards [current players, retro designs] - 1887 Gypsy Queen Dan Uggla, 1959 Topps Adam LaRoche and 1909 Ramley Jake Peavy.

Pack one - Mickey Mantle MHR #442
Pack two - Tim Lincecum [rookie card?], a gold parallel card serial #'d 1789/2007 of a Classic Combo subset [featuring Jonathan Papelbon and Jorge Posada] and Miguel Cabrera all-star subset.
Pack three - Angel Pagan [check out his card and a 1959 Topps card of Don Mossi], Scot Shields [Angels] and Barry Bonds home run card #742.
Pack four - Mark Reynolds [rookie card?]
Pack five - Scott Spiezio, Roger Clemens* and Mike Lowell all-star card.
Pack six - Brady Clark [pictured with the Dodgers, noted he actually signed with the Red Sox 'in July' but actually finished the season with the San Diego Padres], Jamie Vermilyea; I think its a pet peeve of mine when a collector feigns ignorance over recognizing a player pictured on a card, but I honestly don't have a clue who Vermilyea is? Does he play professional baseball? Its my lame stab at humor, but maybe he won some sort of contest so Topps can produce and insert his card in a Major League product.

Pack seven - Cliff Floyd; right now young collectors and knowledgeable prospectors are picking up key cards of a kid named Jason Heyward [Atlanta Braves draft pick]. Way back in the day, Floyd was probably the Heyward of his time. Too bad, probably half of Floyd's career has been short with injuries.

Pack eight - Cameron Maybin Terry Evans [Angels - rookie card?] and Troy Percival [things move so fast, he was retired at the end of last April and now the former Angels' closer signed a two-year contract to pitch for the 'new' Tampa Bay Rays.

Pack nine - Ryan Doumit, Matt Stairs, Generation Now Ian Kinsler insert and a Classic Combo subset card featuring Chase utley and Ichiro.

Pack 10 - Hideki Oka-jo-mama 2007 All-Star jersey card [old news cards with jersey swatches were labeled as 'patch cards'].

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