Friday, December 21, 2007

Shipping rants when picking up cards from online sources like EBay.

Maybe combined shipping means something different - but I always thought it also meant not having to pay extra s/h charges on additional items bought from sellers.

Sometimes I like to pick up multiple items from one seller, particularly if there is only one item to pay shipping/handling for - the problem I see now is sellers tacking on a extra s/h charge on additional items and calling it 'combined shipping.'

I realize everyone has their expenses - but another problem I see is not being able to pick up singles and only having to pay one shipping and handling charge. It seems like sellers are trying to take advantage of s/h charges, at a time when they might not be able to move cards like they have done so in the past.

At the very least sellers might able to sell more cards - if they offered one s/h fee for combined orders within two or three days, capped the s/h and handling fee instead of taxing every item/card purchased and/or make the s/h charge reasonable for additional auction won [keep the charges at around a quarter and don't make it more than $0.50].

Plain white envelopes - no problem with it as long as it gets to me safely, but I do have a problem when I'm charged $2.50 or more and do not get my item in a bubble mailer.

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