Thursday, December 11, 2008

A package in the mail with goodies

When I got home [on Monday], I saw there was a box - I knew it a box of cards for me, all for free. I really haven't been a beneficiary of all sorts of goodies [random or not] through the world of baseball card blogging, but I was able to happen to stumble upon a blog giving away free cards.

I counted out 171 assorted cards - besides two cards [1998 Score Jim Leyritz and a 2005 Topps Update Home Run Derby subset card of Troy Glaus], all were 2000 Topps. It was kind of odd because I thought I'd be getting a box of strictly Angels' cards.

A number of them were cards of all-stars, superstars and stars of the past 10 seasons, though what I paid attention the most was any cards I could funnel into my collecting topics collection - I was able to find a handful of cards fitting various topics, so getting different cards [these were free] sort of paid off. Short of being a junkie, I like going through as many assorted cards as possible as long as they aren't 1988 Donruss or 1989 Topps.

After going through the 'other cards,' the 'second part' of the box featured 115 assorted Angels cards - including a bunch of the cards of the team's star players over the last 15 years like Vladimir Guerrero, Tim Salmon, Chuck Finley, Chili Davis, Brian Downing, Jarrod Washburn, Adam Kennedy, Gary DiSarcina, Darin Erstad, Garret Anderson, et al.

I spent much of Monday night sorting 286 total cards - in the end, I didn't know what I was doing, but I'm silly like that. The least I could is play with the cards. I cut a Garret Anderson up to crudely mimic what I saw done to make a card appear '3D' at the blog Things Done to Cards.

My least favorite card was 1989 Topps Mike Witt with an imprint of a gum stick - reminding me my bad old days of collecting an overproduced, crappy Topps brand featuring wafer-like stick of gum that took the strongest of teeth to break down and chew.

There was also a note about the box - it was apparently used to ship a vintage card of Roy Campanella purchased 16 years ago. I know a box doesn't have anything to do with the contents inside, but it is still interesting to read the note.


stusigpi said...

The gum stained card was for comedic effect. I had traded away a bunch of angels previously. Interestingly enough, however, there were certain teams that I just didn't have as many of. No particular reason why, maybe collation?

Laurens said...

Again, thanks for all the cards.