Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Featured autographs - Mike Trout and Michael Kohn

The atmosphere at the 2011 Angels FanFest was OK - there were things to do for individuals and families who didn't want to be slaves to the autograph lines, which kept growing as the day went on.

I think the earliest scheduled players signed for 45 minutes, the middle block of scheduled signers signed for 30 minutes and after a two hour 'intermission' [##@$@#!] the last group of signers 45 minutes.

There were a couple of carnival rides for people to ride - there was a "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" contest for adults and kids.

This band consisting of kids were sort of interesting - they were up on the main stage entertaining the people.

There was an Angels trivia contest and random booths selling snacks, offering food samples and also featuring various other things like baseball memorabilia and baseball cards - there were interviews with coaches and players.

Angels alumni members Jim Abbott, Jay Johnstone, Gary Disarcina, Bobby Grich and Clyde Wright were taking pictures for season ticket holders - though I think all took pictures or signed autographs for 'regular' fans at some point.

I think I was walking around and saw Mike Trout was signing, so my friend and I jumped in the line for him - for those living under the dark Trout is has been hyped up as the uber prospect of uber prospects, only with some kid named Bryce Harper ahead of him on the totem pole.

I was tempted to bust out my official MLB baseball for Trout - but I used the unsigned cards I had since I'd gotten him on a baseball already.

Reliever Michael Kohn was signing next to Trout and I got him to sign his minor league card from 2008 - Kohn made his Major League debut in 2010 and looks to build upon a pretty good start to his MLB career.

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