Saturday, March 12, 2011

Autograph requests through the mail received: Chien-Ming Wang and Dustin Ackley

Chien-Ming Wang c/o Washington Nationals [spring training] - signed my two cards in blue ink in about three weeks. Wang's autograph seems to have drastically changed over the years and while I think he learn to sign a 'Western' style autograph, I'm sure the ones I got in the mail years ago looked more like his certified autographs from four or five years ago.

Dustin Ackley c/o Seattle Mariners [spring training] - the top prospect personalized and signed my two cards in blue ink in about two weeks or so.

Assuming Ackley will be a second baseman when he reaches the Major Leagues for the first time this upcoming season - I think his offensive numbers will mimic those of a healthy Brian Roberts.

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