Monday, September 09, 2013

Featured autograph - Alex Torres

He has put up great numbers as a reliever in 2013 though it remains to be seen where his future will be - I'm guessing the Rays will probably look to use him as trade bait in the off-season since the organization is always loaded with pitching.

If Torres does stick around next season, maybe the Tampa Bay Rays will try and stretch him out as a starting pitcher - especially when the former Angels farmhand has been a starter for much of his professional career in the minors.

As far as the autograph, I made my mind up to have to Torres sign it on the material part since it looks cool like that - unfortunately the material is dark and all I had to get the card inked up with, was an ancient silver Sharpie from 2010.

Obviously the results were not good - I was out of luck as far as getting a nice, bold autograph.

I got Torres to sign the card a second time [originally where he was going to sign it] - he did a double take, saying it was already signed.

I got two autographs on one card, which is sort of unique but silly at the same time - even though it's just a fish story, I'll just say the faint autograph on the material piece was on there when Topps cut up the swatch for the card.

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