Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Featured autograph - Jim Rice

When collecting in-person autographs is my focus - it maybe hard to find a certified autograph card of somebody whose autograph I've never gotten and I'm actually interested in.

I picked up this Jim Rice on-card certified autograph for about the price of a discounted blaster box - I've never gotten his autograph before and even if the card is a groan inducer for those who bust higher-end products, I like what I have in-hand.

Rice isn't a West Coast guy, so he wouldn't do too much promotional appearances or shows [though I might not pay for him at a show anyway] - on a forum I frequent, I've seen some sloppy sigs from those that have tried to get him 'out and about' for free.

I vaguely remember following him out of Angel Stadium as a visiting coach with the Boston Red Sox [maybe back in 1999 or 2000] and he would not sign as me and some others begged him to stop - he jumped into a cab and told the driver to jam, leaving us poor autograph collecting minions in the dust.

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