Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Featured custom card: 1989 Upper Deck Michael Roth High Number

Michael Roth was a do-everything pitcher in college and was a 9th round pick by the Angels in 2012 - it still maybe the case where his pro career might not last relatively long, but he's already reached the Major Leagues this past season and who knows what can happen when a guy is just 23.

To create the card, I downloaded a 1989 Upper Deck template posted on Sportscollectors.net, where all I needed to do was play with the image, name, team logo and position in a photo editor like Photoshop - I'm not so proficient with photo editors and all I have is GIMP, so I thought it was still kind of hard to figure out how to drop a photo in, how to add my own text and find a suitable logo until I started playing with things to conjure up this custom card of Roth.


The Angels In Order said...

Oohhh that's nice. Good job.

mikeorz111 said...

That is awesome. Any chance you can post a link to the template?

mikeorz111 said...

Great job. Looks awesome. Any shot you could share the template?