Monday, September 09, 2013

Made my way to a card shop and picked these up

I have all sorts of random Todd Helton cards but decided to pick this one up just because.

2008 Topps Randy Johnson #396 - shows him hitting; a card I might not have.
2009 Topps Heritage Brandon Moss #113 - if I dig around my 2009 Topps Heritage box, I may find this card.
2009 Topps Heritage Jesse Chavez #145 - I might have gotten this card signed.
2011 Bowman Jonathan Villar #BP 110 - x2; I'll save these for next year, even though I might have gotten similar cards signed already.
2011 Bowman Draft Blake Snell #BDPP 52 - x2
2011 Bowman Draft Austin Meadows #BDPP 100 - from the USA insert set x2
2011 Topps Pro Debut Brett Oberholtzer #234
2012 Bowman Draft Paul Blackburn #BDPP 6
2012 Bowman Draft Jesse Winker #BDPP 8
2012 Bowman Draft Kyle Zimmer #BDPP 10 - x2
2012 Bowman Draft Sam Selman #BDPP 116 - x2
2012 Topps Tribute Matt Kemp #58
2013 Topps Heritage Todd Helton #305 - I wouldn't say he's a favorite or anything but he's had an excellent career and might be hanging them up sooner than later.

Helton seemed like as pure of a hitter as there ever even though in his prime - hit a ton more home runs than your typical high-average, contend for a batting title hitter i.e. Tony Gwynn, Rod Carew, Joe Mauer, et al.

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