Thursday, September 05, 2013

Featured autograph - Dmitri Young

I've had several Dmitri Young cards bundled with his brother Delmon's cards, hoping Dmitri might show up where Delmon was playing - hoping to see Dmitri in-person, I was able to take advantage of an opportunity to get a couple cards signed by Dmitri after an Angels game in Anaheim on Monday.

I didn't want to ask Dmitri during the game [after another, dedicated autograph collector at the stadium spotted Dmitri and said he was around] - he was with family and I was afraid he'd give me some attitude [the last time I got him in-person, he told me, 'how about asking about how me how I was doing,' instead of having him sign something].

Dmitri expressed shock I had some cards of him and he said he'd sign a couple, since he had to get his kids home - he was fairly pleasant though no one really thought to bring anything for him except my friend and I.

Unfortunately, the same couldn't be said for Delmon - after the game I assume the guy just wanted to be with family and not stick around the ballpark to sign autographs.

Still, a couple of 'true fans' of the game talked him up and broke him down to sign just for them - I did see him sign a just couple more and tried approaching him myself, but was rebuffed quickly.

"If you all don't get the F out of my way," Delmon said.

Considering the trouble Delmon has gotten himself into a couple of times in his pro baseball career - I guess getting his older brother's autograph was good enough for the night.

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