Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Featured autograph - Andrew Lorraine

I waited out the current High Desert Mavericks [Seattle Mariners Cal League affiliate] pitching coach after a minor league game and got him to sign my card - Lorraine fits the description of the obscure former Angels player who may have only played in five games or less [four games for Lorraine] with the Halos before moving on.

He was a fourth round Angels draft pick in 1993, who made his MLB debut the next year - it maybe obvious, but maybe Lorraine didn't have the top flight stuff as pitcher to stick around at the highest level, so he ended up a vagabond journeyman who pitched for a bunch of teams.

Maybe in alternate universe, Lorraine turns out to have a much more significant MLB career - maybe another Mark Buehrle or Barry Zito [the good, early version of Zito I suppose] if things had worked out a little better for the lefty.

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