Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Featured autograph - C.J. Cron

Besides Mike Trout, the reputation of the Angels farm system hasn't been great in the last five years - but maybe the Angels can promote a player like Cron to the major leagues and show the organization still has some talent.

At 24, Cron is an older MLB rookie and his minor league stats don't seem to be all that special - hopefully he can stay healthy and establish himself as a first baseman / DH who is going to stick around for a while.

Cron definitely has some pop in his bat, though given 500 at-bats, he maybe more of a Billy Butler type of hitter - as opposed to a Mark Trumbo all-or-nothing slugger.

Since this post is about Cron, I took a picture of an Angels Weekly rerun on TV when host Alex Curry is asking him about possible nicknames he has gotten - he says it's usually C.J., since that is a nickname of sorts.

I found it utterly fascinating how people have mispronounced his last name - if I heard it right, it's supposed to be like said like 'Krone' and not 'KRON.'

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