Thursday, May 01, 2014

Went to a game, picked up a baseball

I went to an Angels game on Tuesday and spotted a coach tossing a stray baseball that was 'lost' in the camera well to a fan before the start of the visiting team's batting practice - I don't care about baseballs as much as I do about autographs, just because the on game used balls given to fans tend to be 'beaters.'

When the coach was walking down the right field line with another ball, I finally realized he was Cleveland Indians pitching coach and former Angel Mickey Callaway - I called out to him and he actually tossed me the ball, which bounced towards me, but landed in an exclusive section of seats 'on the field.'

I had to get the attention of a woman - so she could come over and pick up the ball for me.

"He's got butterfingers," quipped the father of a collecting acquaintance.

The ball turned out to be clean and almost looked like it was something I'd just purchased brand new - I'm probably going to get the ball autographed at some point, I just have to stumble upon a favorable opportunity and maybe the right player.


deal said...

probably one of the last balls to have bud selig's name on it.

Fuji said...

Very... very... very cool. You're a lucky man. I've been going to ball games for over thirty years and have never gotten an official ball from a player, coach, or stadium employee.