Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Featured autograph - George Springer

I didn't know who Springer was when I first stumbled upon his USA cards three or four years ago - as he was climbing up through the minors in the Houston Astros system, he put up some big numbers, but I thought he was still a bit raw and might only be a good prospect with some warts.

Now that he's shown a little something in his first year in the major leagues, maybe I see Springer as a poor man's Mike Trout - Springer might be little leaner, maybe a little taller but almost has the same batting stance as Trout and offers the same set of athletic skills.

Springer has shown the ability to be an impact player [like Trout], whether as a batter, base runner or defender - though at 24, Springer is a little older MLB rookie who maybe close to hitting his peak [as opposed to Trout, who still has youth on his side, even though he has already played in parts of four seasons in the major leagues].

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