Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Featured autograph - Kurt Suzuki

Suzuki is 30 years old and now has spent parts of 10 seasons playing pro ball - it's nice to see the current Minnesota Twin start off great with the bat in 2014, though as a catcher, maybe the MLB season takes it's toll and drags his numbers down.

He's not a Buster Posey or a Yadier Molina - but I guess as long as he posts passable numbers at the plate, he'll get his opportunities to play a starring role [as opposed to someone stuck on the bench].

It seemed like just yesterday when he was a fresh faced rookie with the Oakland A's - I didn't really follow guys playing in college when Suzuki enjoyed an inspired collegiate playing career at Cal State Fullerton, but probably became aware of him, when his first-year Bowman Draft cards started to come out late in 2004.

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Fuji said...

Awesome card. He was my favorite player for years and I'll continue to cheer for him as long as he's not playing against the A's or Padres.