Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Mail day - 2014 Topps Update Jorge Posada Strata auto serial #'d 14/25

I thought I'd have to wait for six months or more for this redemption to be fulfilled - but it must have only taken a couple of weeks after I entered the redemption code on the Topps Redemption Web site, when I realized I had a card coming from Topps since I'd missed a Fed-Ex delivery at home.

I checked eBay to see if any Posada Strata autographs were live [there was at least a couple of them] and checked the Topps Web site - sure enough, my redemption was marked as shipped.

I'd missed the Fed-Ex truck once more though and was waiting around impatiently, intent on making the third time the charm - my father, who came home to grab his wallet he'd forgotten, ended up meeting the Fed-Ex guy at the door to sign for my package.

It's a fairly neat card and Posada was the Core Four guy whose autograph I never had a chance to get - so it's actually a nice addition to my PC.

The card was really thick where the layers of other cards used to build up this one thick card was visible - the autograph was signed with a Staedtler Lumocolor pen [as the case for most certified autographs] and while it's not as bold as a Sharpie autograph, it's clean.

I thought there surface area where the autograph / player images would be would be sort of die-cut, serving as a window to the relic swatch - but the area of the swatch is solid and I can't actually feel the relic material.

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Daniel Wilson said...

That's awesome! Great looking card!