Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Rummaging through my A-Z archives

I have three or four 3,200 count boxes storing assorted cards arranged in alphabetical order - in a quest to uncover more cards for my own mini-collections, maybe I'll scrutinize cards in my A-Z archives I've generally overlooked, even though they might be obvious mini-collection gems.

As a hard-and-fast rule, any cards of players wearing dirty uniforms go into my 'awesome action' collection - no matter how incidental the dirt is on a player's uniform, I'll set it aside.

However, I'm really looking for cards picturing players who are shown getting dirty - so there is an idea how a uniform gets soiled up.

The front of the card isn't bad, but the image on the back of the card really makes this junk wax card pop - most of the time I am a collector who goes through cards just looking at the pictures shown on the front, though card backs maybe as interesting to look at as well.

This could be an early 1990's style star-on-star cameo with Will Clark [not counting Kevin Bass here] - but I really like the play at the plate action on the reverse, involving Williams and Darren Daulton.

Even though the 1993 Upper Deck card is from a 21-year old set - the image are still sharp and kind of in 'high definition,' unlike a comparable card from Topps for example.

This 1991 ProCards card isn't all that special with cheap looking design and thin cardboard stock - but it's a goofy image of a minor leaguer twirling a baseball, so I'll keep it around.


Hackenbush said...

Those early UD backs were awesome. Makes you feel like you're getting a bonus.

The Junior Junkie said...

Love that Klesko