Monday, May 03, 2021

Scratch that Shohei Ohtani day

I grabbed this card at the beginning of the season and got it delivered in-hand about a couple of weeks ago - today was supposed to Ohtani's scheduled start against the Tampa Bay Rays' ace Tyler Glasnow, but Ohtani was scratched after getting hit by a pitch on his elbow on Sunday.

It's been refreshing to see Ohtani be in the lineup as a DH for much of the season - though I'm still concerned what he does as a batter and baserunner will lead to possible injury or fatigue, affecting his ability to pitch on a regular basis and at full strength through the rest of the year.

I guess I can flip things around to make this into a Glasnow post, who has been that stud pitching talent with a big arm peaking at the right time - several weeks ago, I put together a page with his cards as an addition to my decade / binder stars collection just to acknowledge his ascencion to stardom.

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