Friday, April 08, 2022

A better than a blaster card show mix of cards?

I was all hopped up going to the monthly card show, even though it basically it might be a two table show as far as I'm concerned - I usually hit the dollar boxes because I never know what cheap thrills I may find.

I think I've bought as many as 130 cards at one time, though I've tried to scale things down - where I'm more comfortable with picking out 60-80 cards most other times.

When I found the table [in a different part of the venue than before], I was ready to pounce and do my digging, but as it goes - there was another collector / seller planted in the area and maybe I felt like some of the better [cheap-o] cards i.e. old school cards from the 1980s and a little older i.e. late 1970s were poached as I might have seen the cards he was setting aside.

Instead of having the pick of the litter, maybe I felt like I was going through the left overs - I had a nice 'little' haul, even though if I felt like if things had gone my way, I wouldn't have had to struggle rounding up the 20 cards I ended up with.


The Diamond King said...

I don't know, there are some pretty great ones in there! Especially the Coke Rose, Epix cards and the DK Bagwell. I need that one!

Fuji said...

I always have to do my research when I stumble across one of those Epix inserts. Between the colors and the levels, it was so confusing... but super exciting every time I pulled one of those cards back in the 90's.

Bo said...

That Baseball America card is cool. Looks like a 1960s gas station oddball (I forget what brand)

Nick said...

I'd take those over a blaster! Love that Sheffield minor league card in particular.

Jon said...

You've got it buried up in that top photo, but that Hakeem was a really good find.