Monday, April 25, 2022

The Angels, In Order Jim Abbotts

He shuttered his blog a while ago, but Tom, at The Angels, In Order blog made a couple of recent posts to give away cards - I was able to snag some of the unfamiliar Abbott cards, notably the Classic branded issues including the 1989 rookie year card picturing a heralded, but unproven Abbott wearing No. 60 in spring training.

I like the mid 1990s cards [1996 Circa x2 and 1996 Fleer] - even though that time really symbolized the end of Abbott's run as an viable big league pitcher.


Jon said...

Is that whole binder just for Jim Abbott?

Laurens said...

No, just a binder I make pages with then move over to their appropriate themes.

In my Angels binder, there might be five pages of assorted Abbott cards.