Thursday, April 14, 2022

From out of left field loose card pick ups

I was looking to pick up a couple of specific cards [as TTM fuel] on the eBay app and through the late afternoon hours where I was walking at the park - I was looking for a combination of cards to take advantage of the seller's buy 3, get 3 offer.

The seller has a bunch scattered of minor league team set listings that have been otherwise gutted in a pick your card format - I don’t know if there was a card I’d pay a dollar for outright, but there might be the ‘oddball’ player I may need for an esoteric interest or two.

Just a week or so ago, I’d added 12-13 cards to my shopping cart, but eventually removed them - I was going to take screenshots just in case I wanted remember and go back to them, but realized I wasn’t so serious about them anyway.

I may have deliberately wanted to forget the cards that were in my cart - but I wanted to go back to them so I had something to build on already.

It was a challenge to find specific cards buried under set listings - for the most part, I was able to track down the cards [or close to it], but there might be one or two that I’d blanked on.

1996 Best Tucson Toros Minor League Baseball Dave Hajek #10 - someone had him pose with a bat on fire.
2001 Multi-Ad West Michigan Whitecaps Minor League Baseball Brian Saltzgaber #28 - gum card
2006 Inkworks Veronica Mars Season One Busted #3 - is this a Paris Hilton rookie card?
1986 Donruss Highlights Rick Rhoden #20 - I might remember picking up this boxed set for fun at a mall card show 30 years ago because it had rookie-year cards of Jose Canseco, Will Clark and Bo Jackson, though I want to say it was overproduced and really only cost me around $3 at the time.

Back in the day, it wouldn't have registered to me to make the pitcher hitting card of Rhoden a keeper - I don't know what I did with my original copy, but I had to have another.

2002 Multi-Ad Brooklyn Cyclones Minor League Baseball Donovan Mitchell #3 - father of NBA star Donovan Jr.
2001 Multi-Ad Myrtle Beach Pelicans Minor League Baseball Dinger The Homerun Dog #26 - I thought this was from a Yankees’ farm team and I really didn’t know how I could get back to finding this card; just kept looking at the different listings; nice action shot of a dog in his prime, who passed in 2009.
2011 Multi-Ad Peoria Chiefs Minor League Baseball Elliot Soto #24 - this longtime minor leaguer's MLB cup of coffee came with the 2020 Angels.

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Jon said...

Dave looks kind of nervous there with his flaming bat :)