Wednesday, May 04, 2022

A card show trip recap - a dollar boxes of doom addendum

I forgot to share this in the last post, but it's basically the cards of players who made their debuts in the 2000s - these should end up in my decade stars binders if I can ever get things straightened out where there is the space to add these cards in or possibly be part of new pages [if I can round up more cards].

I might have put the Robinson Cano card back because in some respects his playing career with the New York Mets represent a death crawl ending in his release from the team - I'll give him some love for his distinguished career, aside from the two PED suspensions and the occasionally whining by fans about him dogging it on the field.

Adam Jones and Hunter Pence are part of my decade stars collection so I guess I do collect them by default - though maybe both players end up on being more on that obscured, semistar tier especially when they aren't playing anymore.

Jones played in Japan in 2021, which maybe the same as not playing anywhere besides but the big leagues - he maybe one of those guys who I wanted to collect on the side and his draft pick card from 2003 maybe a nice add to whatever cards I have displayed of his.

Pence is one of those fan favorite personality guys who may have a second career as a color commentator - I left that numbered insert once before and decided to just grab it, rather than have second thoughts over not making a dollar card a keeper.

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Jon said...

The Ichiro is neat. It's amazing how many of his cards I haven't seen before.