Friday, May 27, 2022

I love going through cards unconditionally

For a moment, maybe I’m not really feeling the card show 'grind,' where as a consumer, I'm throwing money into random things that make me feel like a mark - the current climate of things makes me feel a little self-conscious about making someone else cash money while I end up with cardboard I don't know what to do with at times.

Nonetheless, this post is more about another card show recap where I need my fix - I get joy out of rummaging for cards, especially at the so called value boxes level.

At the twice a month card shows I've attended, the seller (s) with the main dollar boxes of doom I linger around the most have been on a hiatus - I've sort of made those tables larger than life, but perhaps I need to figure how to change things up with different characters.

I think I found myself rummaging through a new table with different $5, $10, $20 value boxes with kind of the loose cards I might be interested in - go figure I might have bought off this seller before, but I don't think I've actually seen him set up since last summer.

After trying to look through the other boxes on one side of the table, I saw his dollar box and started digging around - I worry about blowing my wad at one table, especially towards the beginning of my time at a card show, but I also tell myself, this table could be 'it' where this was where I was going to get the most bang for the buck.

I'm someone who is going to pore over every single card [I've set aside] to see what ends up a keeper or what gets left in a box - maybe I think I've messed up choosing certain cards over others.

Maybe I start feeling like a goof, putting back and pulling more cards to choose from - where I actually indulge in seeing all these cards to pick from, even if it leaves me a little confused and indecisive.

I can't get too excited where the sum of my hauls may not always have that zing once I sort everything out - but usually feel good about the 'mix mix' quality of the cards I've ended up with for the day.

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Jon said...

If this brings you joy... keep doing it!