Saturday, May 28, 2022

I love going through cards unconditionally II

This really isn't from a card show, but at times it feels like my card show stacks I'm building off a table start to look like this - at times, maybe I do need some help trying to whittle things down and having some 'table management' to tidy things up perhaps.  

1.) Is it normal where a seller takes the bulk cards I’m setting aside to count them out [?] - maybe it helps save a little bit of time where I’m not spazzing out, especially when my piles are prone to become a mess. 

2.) However I still need to be in control, where from my end - I’m not just piling on where I don’t have an idea of my total numbers down to the very last card. 

3.) Maybe setting aside cards is a seller trick, especially for cards no one may want but me - I don’t mind because rummaging through bulk cards that is still the seller’s property until money is exchanged. 

4.) To be be honest, it probably doesn’t get to be where I’m forced to pick up cards, but I worry it’s bad look to walk away from a table - especially when the seller is doing a little work to count up the cards I've stacked up. 

5.) There are cards I just end up putting back - where despite flagging cards left and right impulsively, I might not really want everything. 

There maybe dupes I occasionally need to weed out and maybe I’m still kind of picky about condition - where I don’t want 'junky' cards in 'junkier' condition with nicked corners, surface damage, paper loss and other blemishes. 

6.) Maybe it ruins the vibes when someone else is pawing through the cards I’ve set aside - contrary to the cards still belonging to the seller, I mentally start taking ownership where I don’t want others touching the cards I’m taking with me.


Brett Alan said...

I've had dealers count my stack of dime box cards, but it's not typical. It doesn't bother me, but I can see why it might bother others. I think they're trying to be helpful.

Bulldog said...

I've always worried about boxes of cards (400 or 800) I sell on ebay. I don't count them but make sure they are packed. And always worry there'll be that one guy (or gal)...

Laurens said...

Who complains one or two cards are missing?