Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2006 Topps Chrome Mike Napoli Black refractor #317

I picked up this card because I'm on a 'shiny, refractor parallel' kick and I'm trying to pick up related inserts here and there - also I'm trying to digging out all of my inserts and listing them all on a spreadsheet, even if they aren't worth much.

I don't think I'm a collector who buys too many boxes of cards to have numerous types of inserts.- however, I'd like to know the types of cards [i.e. refractor, common insert, parallel, short print, etc].

At the very least, I figure I can take a look through a part of my collection and account for the cards I have in-hand - instead of merely just hoarding and hoarding random cards that I may not get to appreciate after they've been squirreled away in binders and/or boxes.

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