Thursday, June 19, 2014

Featured autograph - Jose Abreu

After getting skunked in trying to get something signed by Abreu in-person, I relented to pick up a signed bat - even though he’s probably not a future Hall of Famer, he has some real juice in his bat and the talent is legit.

More than likely, he will put up big power numbers in the next few years - but as a 27-year old rookie, he’s likely as good as he is going to be and he's not going to put up real significant lifetime stats.

Because of how the hype machine works in professional sports, Abreu could put up a fine season in 2015, but basically be obscured by younger and brighter rising stars - not get to get too dramatic, but because he is one large human, he is more likely to suffer injuries that may hinder his playing career.

All things considered, the guy was a Cuban superstar, not some minor league journeyman bouncing around in various stops - he is set for life, even if he doesn't build upon what looks like a great first year.

Unfortunately unless otherwise noted, when it comes to signing autographs - I see him another grumpy foreign born player who doesn’t speak English but is ‘big time’ now.

I didn't realize how brutal he would be in-person and he’s not going to get easier - a schlub like me isn't going to get him to sign a bat, even if I immerse myself in Rosetta Stone lessons for a year.

The bat comes from a card shop in Chicago that had a signing with him and is PSA/DNA certified - admittedly, it’s a typical Rawlings Big Stick [engraved with his name] as opposed to anything close to something he’d actually use on the field.

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