Sunday, June 01, 2014

2014 Topps Archives two pack hobby recap

I picked up a couple of packs for $4.50 each, which seems a bit much for eight 'lousy' cards per pack - in a few months, I'll probably be able to pick up assorted base cards [and maybe a 'loose' short print or insert] for a quarter each if I really wanted to.

I suppose tearing open into a new pack of cards that exploits some of qualities of old school cards is kind of fun -however, I don't feel the sense of urgency to pick up more, since Topps has come out with Archives for three years now and in the end, it all feels redundant [even with some new wrinkles in the 2014 edition like the Major League inserts / autographs].

Pack one
#190 Julio Teheran
#102 Goose Gossage
#71 Nick Franklin
#237 Dusty Baker - SP
#55 Jay Bruce
#143 Mike Schmidt
#123 Jarrod Parker
#160 Don Mattingly

Pack two
#165 Willie McCovey
#106 Cliff Lee
#104 Jordan Zimmermann
#240 Mariano Rivera - SP
#172 Albert Pujols - silver parallel serial #'d 98 of 99

What are the chances that out of two random packs, I pull an Angels parallel card [?] - it's not the greatest pull and watching Pujols has been a bummer lately, but it's a keeper.

#1 Yu Darvish
#12 James Shields
#87 Ivan Rodriguez

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The Angels In Order said...

#98 out of 99 I think is pretty sweet.