Sunday, June 01, 2014

Motivation to blog - my thoughts

At the beginning of each month, I think I can go and make posts for as many days in that month - however things slow down and taper off and I feel like I'm stuck as far as posting to reach a certain number, especially on a consistent basis.

I do think I'm sort of motivated to push something out because cards a thing, autographs are a thing and having a blog shows my interests - even if my posts gets 'limited views,' only a few comments per five posts and the idea I've probably blogged about the same things that maybe a little more esoteric.

Maybe I get jealous of the blogs that are sort of have the 'brand loyalty' I wish this blog had - I do see there maybe five of those types blogs that seem to connect with all collectors, with the rest 'as is,' depending on the blog.

I maybe reaching, but these are the elements that help as far as generating interest - though your mileage may vary.

1.) Always be trading or sending stuff out - networking, at least virtually really gets the ball rolling as far as people coming back and forth.
2.) Regular content - doesn't mean anything but at least you hope people can come back because they know there will be something posted.
3.) Social media - while having a blog may not be something pushed out soon, other venues have emerged like Twitter [maybe 'the one time cool card bloggers' have migrated to Twitter over the years] while younger non-blogging collectors like Instagram.
4.) Having a voice - be someone readers can identify with as opposed to someone who just posts things as a faux news source or someone who doesn't have a clue.
5.) Having gimmicks that get people involved - contests, 'bat arounds,' et al.
6.) Team focus - collecting a particular team allow others to see you have a devotion to one team, so they are more likely to contact with trade requests if they know you are going to be interested.
7.) Have to love it - can’t be a ‘fly by night’ blogger for long, though perhaps no one expects a blog to last for years without real life getting in the way.
8.) New takes on old crap - talk up that 1988 Donruss like it’s a friggin’ cardboard masterpiece and you'll have other card collectors reminiscing about the good ole' days.
9.) Having a take on new stuff - news travels fast, but having something in-hand and previewing is better than writing something off a preview posted on or some other forum.
10.) Pimping something - I guess it works on some level, but I feel like it's your burden I don't want to worry about, so it's kind of tacky to pander to get involved in something.


Fuji said...

I seriously need to figure out this Twitter thing. I've been hearing about it for years and even have an account. But I never really use it for anything other than contests.

Play at the Plate said...

I sometimes find myself under pressure to "post", but then it stops being fun. Just do what you do, the way you want to do it. That way it's fun for you and whoever decides to read.

Nick said...

I agree with PATP. Blogging should be done at your own pace and time frame. It can get to be more of a burden otherwise.

As for social media, I've never really used it. I tried promoting my blog on Facebook for a while, but that tapered off pretty quickly.

I do think trading and sending packages out can be important to blogging as well. Not only to I enjoy mailing packages to others (when I have the money), but writing about the ones I get in return is always fun as well. Trade packages always make for great blog material.