Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Just my favorite Tony Gwynn cards

2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces #42 - two long time baseball legends who had their farewell seasons in 2001.

1983 Topps RC #482 - it's Gwynn's first Topps card, even though it's all butt.

1997 Fleer Tradition #462 - dutifully signing autographs.

1992 Upper Deck #83 - I have a soft spot for the Bloodlines subset, even though it came from a junk wax era set.

1997 Zenith #2 - Gwynn is obscured a little, but I can imagine him taking a good whack at the incoming baseball.

1984 Fleer Tony Gwynn #201 - the mustard color uniforms might have been garish, but Gwynn makes it work on this card; there is something calming about Gwynn posing for a picture, maybe in the afternoon several hours before a game.

1992 Fleer Ultra Tony Gwynn #1 - when I really knew little about a particular star player, the promotion of a single player insert set probably helped me determine how great they really were.

1992 Fleer Ultra #277 - the 1992 Fleer Ultra was a radical change from the previous year's version; the photos were sharper, the card stock glossy, there was foil stamping and the cards just popped when they first came out.

1999 Topps Stadium Club #126 - one of the great hitters to the end, an apparent underrated aspect to his playing career was his athleticism and ability to play defense.

1993 Upper Deck #165 - shades down, looks like Gwynn is about to roam over to catch a fly ball; maybe just another Gwynn card but Upper Deck took time [unlike other card companies] to make sure the images on their cards were sharp.

1997 Upper Deck #492 - I'm tempted to say the image used was part of a shoot to sort of show how Gwynn shared Ted Williams' love for fishing.

1995 Topps Stadium Club #475 - I'm not sure I'm enamored by this card, but that huge bat is mighty impressive and it seems that Gwynn is being recognized for some achievement.

1998 Upper Deck All-Star Credentials insert #AS-19 - an insert I pulled back in the day, I like the faux ID card design and futuristic graphics used to showcase the player.

1993 Upper Deck SP #167 - the infamous Gwynn card showing him having fun in spring training.

1993 Leaf #28 - love him kicking up down as he slides into home plate.

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Fuji said...

Great post. If I had the time... I'd sit and flip through my Gwynn binder all day long. Those are some great cards.