Monday, June 06, 2016

Award winner adds - miscellaneous MVPs

1983 Galasso 1915 Cracker Jack Reprint Roger Peckinpaugh #91 - 1925 American League MVP; I'm not going to worry about it, but I didn't realize this identifies Peckinpaugh as member of the New York Yankees when he won the MVP with the Washington Senators.

2008 UD Yankee Stadium Legacy Box Set Joe Gordon #17 - 1942 American League MVP

2008 UD Yankee Stadium Legacy Box Set Spud Chandler #19 - 1943 American League MVP

2014 Panini Golden Age Phil Cavarretta #89 - 1945 National League MVP

2001 UD Legends of NY Don Newcombe #20 - 1956 National League MVP; a die-cut piece of felt surrounds the team logo, making these cards feel a little different.

2005 Diamond Kings Red Frame Keith Hernandez #300 - 1979 National League co-MVP with Willie Stargell; I picked up a two-sided, dual jersey [like these] featuring Hernandez and Stargell, though I wanted at least one random card featuring each guy.

The card cost about $0.50, but it's pretty nice to have in-hand - red frame makes the cards feel a little more sturdy and fancy.

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