Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Some newer card show recaps #1

Pictured is the Pelican case I bring to hold all my pick ups - I store it in a drawstring bag I lug around as I try to make deals for key showcase money cards at different card show venues, always ready for some action.

Seriously however, much of what I value are cards that may be dated, too plentiful and never going to be valued - I hunt the type of cards I do in the meantime, to have my own inspired smorgasbord to aspire to as a card collecting lifer.

I made it to another card show, a different one from the last post, though they were on back-to-back weeks - knock on wood, maybe the plan through the summer is to get to as many local card shows as I can as something to get me out of the house until I get tired of going to the same promoted places with the same stuff.

This latest show was held inside a gym with lots of tables and lots of foot traffic, so this was already looking better, even if what I actually find at various tables may not be line up with my ideals - it was actually little cramped all around as I tried to snake my way through the rows and find the first accessible table.

I landed on a table where I started to dig through the quarter boxes and was starting to pull cards out that interested me - even though I could have ended up with more different cards, I tried to grab multiples of certain basic rookie cards as I found them.
Miscellaneous - maybe a few more rookie cards of rank-and-file guys and other cards I picked up on a whim.
Angels content - I found a couple of 2018 Leaf Shohei Ohtani cards and I relented to make them keepers, even if Leaf branded cards from the past 10 years through present have no place in my collection.
Miscellaneous prospects - it feels like it has been at least a couple of years since I had any loose Bowman prospect cards in-hand, especially Mega Box stuff from 2020, so while related, pictured cards may not be actual first-year guys, they are shiny cards of hopefuls.


The Diamond King said...

Looks like you had fun.

Fuji said...

The idea of holding a card show in a gym is awesome! I'm tempted to see if my principal would be interested in raising money for the school by hosting a card show over the summer.