Wednesday, June 02, 2021

2021 Topps Home Run Challenge prize card - J.D. Martinez

Off some early 2021 Topps breaks, I pulled Home Run Challenge inserts for Freddie Freeman, Gleyber Torres and J.D. Martinez - pick a date when a player would hit a home run, enter the code on the Topps contest Web site [you have to be registered at] and see if the player connects on the game chosen.
Martinez was the only 'winner' out of the group and I felt pretty smart trying to guestimate when he would hit his home run - after seeing I had a winner, it probably took a couple of months for Topps to ship the winning [serial #'d to the number of correct entries] card to me.
I think I've only entered a single Home Run Challenge card before 2021 and didn't know much about the actual prize cards before - going through a box of cards at a show, I think saw a similar Martinez card from a previous year and I guess most of the winning cards printed from the contest are fairly common.

I'd like to point out, Martinez is not a favorite at all, but the slugger has put up significant hitting numbers - while putting together a collection of loose cards together in a page, I made sure to save space for Martinez's 2021 Topps Home Run Challenge card.

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