Friday, July 08, 2022

1991 Classic Best Minor League pack

I was rummaging hard through the quarter bin at a card show and found this clear plastic pack of junk wax era minor league cards - I grabbed it because I saw it was still sealed and rather than one card, I get two [even if the back showed Todd Van Poppel] where I can count the pack as 'one' towards my bulk keepers.

I don't think the actual cards are part of a promo issue, but I guess the packs might have been designed for promotional uses as giveaways and whatnot - when I finally did a micro-mini pack break of what I thought was a two-card pack, I also found a card of Pedro Martinez sandwiched in the middle.

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Jon said...

I'm not a fan of this set, but I would've bought the pack for a quarter too.